The design of a home theater varies, from a room that doubles as a den to a dedicated space that holds only a video screen and a row of reclining chairs. Likewise, movies can be presented on the 50-inch LCD LED TV, or on an eye-popping 160 inch screen that descends from the ceiling. Speakers that project the dialog and sound effects can come in the form of huge towers, or sit discreetly within the walls of the room. No matter how you envision your own home theater, SEAL Solutions can help design your dream room.

The obvious place to start is with the screen. Screens vary widely in their size, their shape and the technology employed to reproduce a picture. Our audio/video specialist can recommend the best type of screen based on your viewing tastes.

We’ve all been distracted at the movie theater by a chatty teenager, by ringing cell phones, you name it. While the distractions might come in a different form at home, they exist nonetheless. If you find extraneous noise bothersome, our crew can soundproof your home theater room, using a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors, fabrics and shapes that will match your personal interior designer. Our team can even hide speakers and sub woofers behind this fabric, giving your room a clean, polished look.

A movie always looks better when the room lights are off. Our team can integrate a lighting control system into the room so that your home theater’s lights fade out automatically as the audio/video system gears up. It’s not only convenient, but creates a sense of excitement. A lighting control system is also helpful during intermissions, and as a way to accent key architectural features of the room.

See more images of home theater installs in our photo gallery.