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Explore photos of some of the home automation and theater systems we've installed for individuals and businesses around Long Island, the Hamptons, upstate and New York City.

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Office Expansion | photo10_WEB Office Expansion | photo11_WEB Office Expansion | photo1_WEB Office Expansion | photo2_WEB Office Expansion | photo3_WEB Office Expansion | photo4_WEB Office Expansion | photo5_WEB Office Expansion | photo6_WEB Office Expansion | photo7_WEB Office Expansion | photo8_WEB Office Expansion | photo9_WEB
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Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater02 Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater10 Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater15 Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater18 Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater20 Home Theater | HamptonsShowcaseTheater26 Home Theater | LiamNeesonNatashaRichardson173_WEB Home Theater | LiamNeesonNatashaRichardson177_WEB Home Theater | LiamNeesonNatashaRichardson199_WEB Home Theater | SEAL_Showroom085_WEB Home Theater | SEAL_Showroom097_WEB Home Theater | Watermill 007_WEB Home Theater | Watermill 032_WEB Home Theater | WatermillSEALHomeTheater010 Home Theater | WatermillSEALHomeTheater017 Home Theater | a1chelsea Home Theater | al_notarnicola_axonix Home Theater | img_0332
Regardless of the size of your space, a home theater system can bring the look and sound of theatrical movies to your home. Check out some of the home theater systems installed by SEAL Solutions.
Flat Panel Installs | 0IMG_0339_1_WEB Flat Panel Installs | 12408 fencing and maxwell 044_WEB Flat Panel Installs | 20080820_Small__0093_WEB Flat Panel Installs | 20080820_Small__0117_WEB Flat Panel Installs | 6-7-08 054_WEB Flat Panel Installs | 6_7_08 0372_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Al Notarnicolas Theater room051_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Al Notarnicolas Theater room069_WEB Flat Panel Installs | DSC00154_WEB-1 Flat Panel Installs | DSC00157_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Daniel Gale Locust Valley 2_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Gym2_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Gym3_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Gym4_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Gym5_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Gym_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Huntington Country Club Grill Room2_WEB Flat Panel Installs | IMG_0359_WEB Flat Panel Installs | IMG_0399_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Julianna Margulies Panasonic Plasma_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Picture of Hamptons Designer Show House 011_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Picture of Hamptons Designer Show House 023_WEB Flat Panel Installs | SEURA mirror TV_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Waterloo in NYC_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 004_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 043_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 051_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 0622_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 069_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 072_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 074_WEB Flat Panel Installs | Watermill 087_WEB Flat Panel Installs | hamptons 011_WEB Flat Panel Installs | hamptons and huntington 0022_WEB Flat Panel Installs | hamptons and huntington 007_WEB Flat Panel Installs | hamptons and huntington 012_WEB Flat Panel Installs | work 6609 027_WEB
Check out some of the flat panels installed by SEAL Solutions.
Racks and Equipment | 0IMG_05762_WEB Racks and Equipment | 20091126_61_WEB Racks and Equipment | 20091126_62_WEB Racks and Equipment | 20091126_63_WEB Racks and Equipment | 6_7_08 014_WEB Racks and Equipment | 6_7_08 034_WEB Racks and Equipment | 6_7_08 053_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | 6_7_08 064_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | Al Notarnicolas Theater room040_WEB Racks and Equipment | IMG_0334_1_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | IMG_0492_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | IMG_0569_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | IMG_05752_WEB Racks and Equipment | IMG_0577_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | Julianna Margulies Crestron and Marantz system._WEB Racks and Equipment | LiamNatasha235_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | Maxwell Technics Turntables and Raine Mixer_WEB Racks and Equipment | Maxwells Recording Equipment_WEB Racks and Equipment | Maxwells Turntables and mixers_WEB Racks and Equipment | Tom Donofrio 025_WEB Racks and Equipment | Tom Donofrio 027_WEB Racks and Equipment | TomDonofrio-backofRack_WEB_WEB Racks and Equipment | Watermill 036_WEB Racks and Equipment | hamptons and huntington 014_WEB
If you have one piece of equipment, or one hundred, it should be connected correctly and cleanly. Check out some of the equipment installed by SEAL Solutions.
Outdoor Installations | EsquireJPEGS 0052_WEB Outdoor Installations | EsquireJPEGS 0182_WEB Outdoor Installations | EsquireJPEGS 020_WEB Outdoor Installations | EsquireJPEGS 156_WEB_WEB Outdoor Installations | EsquireJPEGS 157_WEB_WEB Outdoor Installations | IMG_0408_WEB Outdoor Installations | Watermill 0962_WEB
During the warmer weather the outdoors becomes an additional room in your house. Outdoor entertainment is a great way to utilize all the features you love inside, outside. Add hidden audio, lighting, and televisions to your outside space bringing the indoors out. Check out some of the outdoor systems installed by SEAL Solutions.
Hidden - Custom Installations | 0Custom Projector Cover in room_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | Custom Projector Cover Closed_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | Custom Projector Cover_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | DSC00156_WEB_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | DSC00157_WEB_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | IMG_0333_1_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | IMG_0333_2_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | IMG_0408_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | IMG_0409_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | Watermill Media Room with 106 in Motorized Screen, Projector and Rack_WEB Hidden - Custom Installations | Watermill Wine Cellar with Audio2_WEB
Some applications call for discrete installations.  SEAL Solutions has an application to hide speakers, electronics, screens, projectors, or TVs. Check out some of the hidden and custom systems installed by SEAL Solutions.
 Drawings and Designs | SS_AV-Control_Schematic-Images_Page_1_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_AV-Control_Schematic-Images_Page_2_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_AV-Control_Schematic-Images_Page_3_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_AV-Control_Schematic-Images_Page_4_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_BlockDiagram-Images_Sample_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_MediaCabinet_Elevation-2_Sample_WEB  Drawings and Designs | SS_Theater Seating  Projection_Sample_Page_1_WEB
Proper planning ensures that the project is executed correctly,  documentation and design is a crucial part of this process. We will work with your designers, architects, and builders to make sure your space is both esthetically pleasing and functional. Communication between all parties ensures that your project remains on schedule and that no detail gets over looked. Here are a few examples of the documentation used by SEAL Solutions.
Lighting | Chelsea Color Kinetics and Lighting Control_WEB Lighting | Chelsea Thai Lady Water Feature with color Kinetics_WEB Lighting | IMG_0419_WEB_WEB Lighting | Master Bath @ Spa.jpg_WEB Lighting | Master Bed Accent Lights 2_WEB Lighting | Master Bed Dipetch.jpg_WEB Lighting | Stair Riser Lights_WEB
Lighting can make an ordinary space, extraordinary. Check out some of the lighting systems installed by SEAL Solutions.
Events | 1232008103713_WEB Events | 20091215_204_WEB Events | 20091215_218_WEB Events | 20091215_219_WEB Events | 20091215_222_WEB Events | 20091215_223_WEB Events | Home Grand Central Station 1 Events | Home Grand Central Station 2 Events | Home Grand Central Station 3 Events | IMG_0103_WEB Events | LSK_3766_WEB Events | LSK_4125_WEB-1(2)_WEB Events | SEAL Showroom Opening Events | Sound and Vision Party
This gallery contains photos from award ceremonies, events and our showroom opening.
Commercial Systems | Daniel Gale Realty Commercial Systems | Hamptons Designer Show House Commercial Systems | Huntington Country Club Commercial Systems | Waterloo in NYC Commercial Systems | hamptons 011_WEB Commercial Systems | hamptons and huntington 002_WEB Commercial Systems | hamptons and huntington 007_WEB Commercial Systems | hamptons and huntington 0122_WEB Commercial Systems | work 6609 027_WEB
SEAL Solutions works on both commercial and residential jobs. These systems have consisted of card access, CCTV, alarm systems, public address systems, distributed audio, video conferencing, projection systems, lighting control, HVAC, motorized shades and TV installations. Check out examples of commercial systems installed by SEAL Solutions.

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