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Do I need a big home to have a home theater?
No! Believe it or not, everyone can have a home theater. Many people finish off their basements, attics or small rooms and use them as prime theater space. Even if you can't dedicate a room, you can still create a home theater atmosphere. There are a variety of options for the smaller areas, including the home theater in a box, which packs almost everything you need into one box-just add your TV!

Is a home theater really as good as going to the movies?
Once you have your own home theater, it's hard to imagine fighting the crowds, sharing armrests and dealing with offenders of the "silence is golden" rule. You can make a home theater as realistic as you'd like. Some people add accessories such as marquis, candy counters and real theater seating (the comfy kind!). However, a home theater can also be located in your family room, and still be better than a night at the local Cineplex.

What is the difference between front-projection and rear-projection?
Rear-projection TV is sort of like your average TV-if that TV is about 80 inches diagonally. Most of these units are large in size, have a base and a cabinet behind the screen to support the amazing picture that's being produced. Rear-projection TV's come in CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal display), DLP (digital light processing), and LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) models . A front-projection system is like a real cinema. This type of system would consist of a projector and a huge screen. Some systems can project images 10 feet wide, regardless of the source (DVD player, VCR, etc.) that it's coming from. These projectors utilize either CRT, LCD or DLP processing to produce film-like images.


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