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To bring state-of-the-art technology into the homes and lifestyles of individuals, easing their lives and giving them greater control over their environment, in addition to providing them with more time and energy for the important things in life.


The idea for SEAL Solutions was started over 17 years ago, when owner, Chris Wyllie graduated from the U.S. NAVY's Advanced Electronic School. There he learned the intricate workings of today's most sophisticated equipment, and his passion for electronics grew.

As a member of Special Boat Unit Twelve, he was the communications representative during his service in the Persian Gulf. He was also the Supervisor of Electronics.

Chris then became a member of the most elite fighting group in the world, the U.S. Navy SEALs. Once a member of SEAL TEAM TWO, Chris continued his work with electronics, including photo intelligence gathering, surveillance, etc. After 7 years in service, he left the military in pursuit of his next goal, to create a business in which his extensive knowledge can continue to assist others.


In 2010 Chris Wyllie joined forces with Mark Hooper TOAD founder and chief executive officer based  in Massachusetts. Mark Hooper like Chris is a former NAVY SEAL and the only person to ever graduate as the Number One student in U.S. Navy SEAL School and then immediately enroll in the Army's most elite unit, 18 Delta, from which he also graduated as the first-in-class. He now applies the same work ethic, problem-solving skills, and keen attention to detail he learned as a SEAL to his role as chief executive officer at Technical Operations And Development (TOAD), a custom-electronics company serving the greater New England area.

Upon being discharged with honors from the military after 10 years of active duty service, Mark shifted his focus to the telecommunications industry, where he worked on Cape Cod as an independent contractor for such companies as Media One Cable Vision, AT&T, and Comcast. A self-proclaimed "technology geek", Mark soon became a triple technician, specializing in cable TV (analog, digital, and high-definition), telephony, and Internet networking and distribution. He continued to hone his skills by earning basic and advanced satellite-distribution licenses and, later, by working for DirecTV and Dish Network.

In 2000, Mark founded TOAD, a company that represents the unique intersection of his technical expertise and top-notch project-management skills. TOAD's mission is to integrate and streamline emerging technologies on behalf of commercial and residential clients. The company excels in design, installation, programming, and distribution; the control and integration of telecommunications systems; and the creation of Smart Homes, multimedia rooms, and home theaters. Recently, Mark received his LEED certification so that he can help clients make their homes more environmentally efficient.

TOAD serves both corporate clients, such as Best Buy, Tweeter, and Bose Corporation, and clients in the private sector, such as contractors, architects, designers, politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes. Mark says that his company's goal is "to connect people of all abilities with eco-friendly technology that enhances capabilities, provides enjoyment, and increases the quality of life."

Together Chris and Mark have been able to offer services from Washington D.C. to Portland, Maine. Their common background and dedication have allowed them to tackle any electronics challenge with Military precision. This winning team has proved beneficial for both SEAL Solutions & TOAD allowing them to better serve their clients and offer a wider area of service. Looking into the future SEAL Solutions & TOAD would like to team up with additional former SEALs within the business offering reliable and trusted services nationwide.

SEAL Solutions is a CEDIA Certified Specialist.

CEDIA is an international trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home. Consumers benefit because they can obtain referrals through CEDIA to find qualified, reputable and insured design and installation contractors to counsel them and work in their homes. They also benefit by having CEDIA promote professionalism and honorable business practices in the field of custom installation.

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